This game is very funny, so don't laugh so hard you fall of your chair, or whatever you are on...


1. Think of a number, it has to be 3 or more digits 2. Remember your number. You can write it down. 3. Now match your numbers against the words below.

For the first digit in your number:

1 Conan 2 Rachel 3 Kaito Kid 4 Serena 5 Anita 6 Doc Agasa 7 Mr Moore 8 Detective Takagi 9 Vivian Kudo 0 Gin

For the second digit of your number:

1 Solves 2 Closed 3 Murdered 4 Shrunk 5 Developed 6 Invited 7 Surprised 8 Kicked 9 Arrested 0 Hospitalised

For the last digit of your number:

1 Onions 2 Witnesses 3 Victim 4 The Murderer 5 A Man In Black 6 A Detective 7 Japan 8 Sushi 9 Cases 0 Bombers

For Those Who Don't UnderstandEdit

Pretend my number was: 11459 So: My first digit is 1 and that is Conan. My second digit is 1 and that is Solves. My last digit is 9 and that is Cases.

So my sentence is: Conan solves cases.

Some may be so ridiculous that they don't make sense! For example, 191 This is: Conan surprised onions!