Conan has left you a code while he has to figure out who the murderer is! Decipher the code left by the victim, the dying message, to help Conan solve the case!


  1. You have 4 suspects
  2. They are:
  • Serena Sebastian
  • Yoko Okino
  • Kongoro Mouri
  • Gin

 3.  Use the scale at the bottom to help you figure it out!

Clue: A = 1    Z=26

Code: Lo_g 19 20 18 9 14 7 of  ha_r

Clue: A=C      Z=B

Code: Ocq

Clue: A= ABC Z= ZAB


When you have solved the codes, put the pieces of the puzzle together and inferr who the murderer is!

Ps: Please write you guess in the Fun and Games Forum!