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Plot of Detective Conan


Shinichi Kudō a 17-year old prodigy known as the "Savior of the Japanese Police Department" (日本警察の救世主, Nihon Keisatsu no Kyūseishu) due to his solving of many difficult cases and great intellect and intelligence. He takes his good friend Ran Mōri to the theme park called "Tropical Land" because she won the regional tournament in karate. A murder case soon happen in the Roller-coaster, which Shinichi solves the case. After the murder, Shinichi sees one of the suspicious man in black that he have seen earlier and decided to spy on him. Shinichi then sees a blackmailing case which he tries to take a picture of, not noticing his second partner, he has been knocked down and got a poison named "APTX 4869" within his body, which shrunk his body into a elementary school kid, which the poison was meant to kill him. Shinichi goes under the alias Conan Edogawa and stay at Ran's place until he captured the Black Organization to get the antidote and to get his real body back.

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